Shop Policies


Beginning September, holiday rushes cause orders to ship at a much slower rate AND an increase in shipping costs. Expect shipping costs to be increased by 30 CENTS OR MORE (this is what USPS is charging!). 

Shipping times can be delayed by up to 3-4 WEEKS at peak holiday rush. Tracking will most likely not be updated as often, please do not worry as this is normal. I am unable to track your package anymore than you can, so all we can do is be patient!

ORDER YOUR HOLIDAY GIFTS AHEAD OF TIME! Eleven Entities cannot guarantee a delivery date before the holidays, so please expect unpredictable wait times when ordering. 

Packages are more susceptible to getting lost or damaged during holiday rush. Please refer to the rest of our Shop Policies as you are agreeing that Eleven Entities LLC is not responsible for any damages or lost packages. Refunds will NOT BE ISSUED, as this is out of our control. 


For any questions about orders, changes in address, or order merges please email us at Please do not DM about order concerns. DMs are easily lost and pile up! Include your order number and name in the subject of the email sent. 


Current Processing Time: 2-15 business days
No matter the shipping rate selected, EVERY ORDER HAS A PROCESSING TIME! It will scarcely take 15 business days to ship your order. This processing time is in place in case of an emergency or a necessary break as I am a ONE PERSON business!
For example: If I order Monday morning, processing time is 2-15 days from then. By MAXIMUM 15 BUSINESS DAYS, the order should be shipped, then the shipping time starts! Usually it never takes this long to ship an order, but the processing time is in place in case of emergencies or the need to take a break! If I selected First Class, it would be 3-4 (allow longer for holiday rush) business days for delivery. 
Shipping rates are calculated by the size, weight, and destination of your package.
We ship through USPS & UPS.
Confirmation and tracking is all sent through email (or the SHOP app)! Please check your junk mail if you are missing these. 
Orders that are shipped through Priority USPS or UPS Ground 3 Day Select have insurance protection. 
International shipping is offered! Please keep in mind that I do not set these rates and all costs will be paid by the buyer to the carrier!
CUSTOMS FEES: INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOMS FEES THAT ARE DUE AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY! Customs fees appear very randomly, there is no telling when you will or will not be charged an import fee! Eleven Entities LLC is NOT responsible for paying these fees.
I placed multiple orders, can they be packaged together?: Eleven Entities LLC does not offer combined packages! This is for security purposes. As many times as you ordered are as many packages as you will receive!


Returns: Eleven Entities does not accept returns. We package all our orders with lots of protective packaging (bubble wrap, shredded paper, packing paper) to ensure safe transit. Once items are shipped, they are OUT OF OUR CONTROL. This means that we are not responsible for mail carriers damaging your package. Please understand that we do all that we can to protect items, but we can only do so much!
Shipping companies are responsible for damages to packages. If you selected PRIORITY USPS or UPS GROUND 3 DAY SELECT, you are eligible to file a claim on your order. 
Refunds: We do not accept refunds. All sales are final!
Cancellations: Eleven Entities does not provide cancellations. If your address is invalid please email 

Damaged/Missing Items

Eleven Entities is not responsible for damaged packages or items. Once we ship the order, it is out of our control. In order to receive insurance on your items, please select USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Shipping. 

Missing Items/Wrong Item

If I have sent you the wrong item, please contact me within 72 hours of receiving the package, this way I can send you the correct item ASAP. If you contact me past the 72 hour window, I will not be able to send out the product. 

Package Non-Delivery

If your tracking says your package is delivered and it has not been delivered, please wait 24-48 hours for your tracking to update. Most times, the tracking is inaccurate and you will need to wait a few days. If your package is still not delivered, please contact your local mail carrier facility. If you purchased Priority Mail USPS or UPS mail, your mail is insured and a claim can be filed. 
Use this link to file a claim or for any questions regarding USPS:
Eleven Entities is not responsible for lost or non-delivered packages. Once we hand off your parcel to the mail carrier, it is out of our control. If you would like to be safe and have package insurance please choose USPS Priority Mail or UPS mail at checkout. 

Insufficient Address/Returned to Sender

If your tracking says "returned to sender" or "insufficient address," this means that the address you provided was incorrect. When we receive your package again, we will contact the buyer via email or text. The buyer MUST PAY FOR SHIPPING FEES in order to reship the package. If the buyer would not like to pay for shipping, there is a 30% restocking fee on refunds for returned to sender orders. Shipping fees are not included in refunds, and you will get back 70% of what you paid for!


If there is no response as to how to proceed upon reaching out to the customer within 48 HOURS, you will not receive any refund, your items will not be shipped back to you, and your items will be restocked in the shop.


To avoid this happening, please DOUBLE CHECK your address at checkout! We cannot guarantee an address change before your order is shipped.


Live Sale Listing

Please checkout your live sale listing RESPONSIBLY! Only purchase your own live sale listing with YOUR username, unless otherwise told by me. If you purchase another individuals live sale claim intentionally or unintentionally, you will not be refunded or given someone else's items. 


Prices on the website are subject to change at any time without reasoning. This does not mean that you will be charged more than what you bought the item for upon checkout.

- By purchasing from Eleven Entities LLC, you are agreeing to all of these policies.

- Orders over $150 must respond to an email or text sent from us, authorizing the transaction. Once the transaction is authorized your order will begin to be packed.